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Partial List of the 
of Rev. James Marve 

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Rev. James Marye, a native of Rouen, Normandy, France, 
the second son of a wealthy and worthy parentage, was edu- 
cated for and entered the priesthood of the Roman CathoHc 
Church, but scruples as to the correctness of the tenets and prac- 
tices of that faith, led him, in 1726, to flee to England, abjure it 
and to be ordained in the Protestant Episcopal Church. This 
act occasioned a breach between himself and his immediate rela- 
tives in France, who consisted of a widowed mother, an elder 
brother, Peter, and a younger, William, an officer in the French 
army, and as he could not conscientiously accede to their com- 
mands to return and re-enter the priesthood, communication 
with them ceased. In October, 1728, Mr. Marye married in 
London Miss Letitia Maria Ann Staige, the daughter of a 
deceased clergyman of the Established Church, and the sister of 
Rev. Theodosius Staige." In September, 1729, Mr. Marye with 
his wife embarked for Virginia. His first child was born on the 

a Prepared chiefly from data kindly supplied by Hon. J. L. Marye, 
Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

b Rev. Theodosius Staige came, with an unmarried sister, to Virginia, 
and was the rector of St. George's parish, Spotsylvania county, some 
time prior to November, 1728. A daughter married Samuel Thompson, 
Orange county, and they had issue, among others possibly, a son, Wil- 
liam Staige. The name Staige is a favored Christian name in the Davis 
and other families of Virginia. A distinguished instance was the late 
Professor John Staige Davis, M. D., of the University of Virginia. 


passage across the Atlantic. He appears to have been called to 
the charge of the parish of St. James' Northam, Goochland 
county, soon after his arrival in Virginia, as " Mr. Mane, of St. 
James' " officiated at a christening at Manakin-town May 20th, 
1730.'' He continued in this first useful and extended ministry, 
supplying several churches, until called to a second,'* that of St. 
George's parish, Spotsylvania, into which, upon the petition of 
its vestry to Governor Gooch, he was inducted in October, 1735. 
Here he acceptably and faithfully labored until his death in 1767, 
when he was succeeded by his son, Rev. jameb Marye, Jr. Two 
chapels were built by the efforts of Rev. James Marye, Sr. The 
farm, " Fayetteville," eight miles distant from Fredericksburg, 
which he purchased, and upon which he resided until his death,'' 
and upon which he was buried, remains in the possession of his 

Issue of Rev.James^ and Letitia Maria Ann (Staige) Marye: 
i. Lucy Mary,^ (^. loth October, 1729, on the Atlantic Ocean; 
;«. twice: ist. Rev. Mungo Marshall ; 2d, James Marsden, 
M. D. 
ii. Rev. James,'^ /'. 8th September, 1731 ; educated in England ; 
Minister of St. Thomas' parish, Orange county, from 1761 
to 1767 when he succeeded his father in St. George's par- 
ish, and served there until his death in 1780; "buried at 
Fayetteville;" m. twice; ist, Letitia Courtney ; 2d, Eliza- 
beth, nif Osborne, widow of Grayson, Loudoun 

iii. William,'' <^. 6th April, 1733; graduated M.D. in Edinburgh; 
served as surgeon for three years on an East Indiaman ; 
d. unmarried at Gravesend, England, on the eve of 
embarking for Virginia, 
iv. Susanna,'-' A. 17th June, 1735; w. Dr. I lenry //dV?///, and had 
issue. James.^ 

c See Avte p. s ]. 

rf Leaving " tin- 1 lui^ucnDl scltkiin.-iU at Manikin town." Meade's 
Old Churches and J'lDni/ies 0/ I'iii^inia, 11, p. 69. 

I' This is tin- laniily tradition ; hut in the .State Land OlTice is recorded 
a grant to hini ot 401) acres in .Spotsylvania county, i5lh March, 1744. 
Book 2.^, p. Sol. 



V. Peter, '^ <^. 20th February, 1737; graduate William and Mary 
College, Virginia; Member of House of Burgesses from 
Spotsylvania county, 1769; m. 6th December, 1773, 
Eleanor, daughter of Colonel William and Anne (Cole- 
man) Green, "^ of Culpeper county, and settled on Hazel 
river, in that county, one mile from State Mills. 

y William Green was the son of Robert Green, b. 1695 (son of Wil- 
liam Green, a member of the Body Guard of KingWilham III, of Eng- 
land), who migrated to Virginia about 1717, with his uncle, William 
Duft', a Quaker, and settled in what is now King George county. They 
became partners of Joist Hire and Robert McKay, who had warrants 
(1731) for locating 140,000 acres of land. Hence the firm of Hite, Mc- 
Kay, Green and Duff. In 1736, Lord Fairfax entered a caveat against 
Hite, alleging that these lands were within the Northern Neck, and 
hence his property. This led to the suit of Hite & Co. against Fairfa.x, 
which was not decided until 17S6, when all the parties to it were dead. 
The representatives of Hite & Co. recovered a large sum of money 
and extensive tracts of land. Robert Green, who was the heir of his 
uncle, William Duff, ni. Eleanor Dunn, of .Scotland, and settled in Cul- 
peper county. They had issue : 

i. Colonel William, of the text, who left issue eight children : Wil- 
liam ; Francis Wyatt, w. Lucy Strother and removed to Ken- 
tucky ; Eleanor, of the text ; Anne, ni. John Pomdexter, Louisa 
county; Eliabeth, 7«. Henry Camp; Nancy, w. George Thomas; 

Mildred, ;;/. Stringer ; Susanna, d. unmarried ; Lucy, m. James 

Madesette, Shenandoah county, 
ii. Colonel Robert, vi. Patty Ball, of Northumberland county. Issue, 
five children. 

iii. Duff, in. twice: ist. Miss Thomas; 2d, Anne, daughter of Major 
Henry Willis, of Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

iv. John, Colonel in the Revolution, distinguished at Brandywine, 
Monmouth and Guilford ; m. Susanna Blackwell. They were 
the parentsof William, and grandparents of Judge John William 
Green, of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, who was 
the father of the late eminent Hon. William Green, LL.D., and of 
seven other highly worthy sons. 

V. Nicholas. 

vi. James. 

vii. Moses. 

See Memoir of William Green, LL.D., by Rev. Philip Slaughter, 
D. D., Richmond, 1883. 


Issue of Rev. Mungo and Lucy Mary'^ (Maryej Marshall: 
i. James;^ educated in Europe; d. unmarried, 
ii. Lucy,^ m. John Daniel, Orange county; d. s. p. 
iii. William,^ graduated M. D. at Edinburgh, Scodand; practiced 

in Virginia ; d. s. p.. 
iv. Susanna,'* m. Alexander Gordon, a native of Scotland. 

Issue by his two marriages of Rev. James^ Marye: 
i, James,^ m. Mildred, daughter of Lawrence Slaughter, Cul- 

peper county, 
ii. Lucy,* vi. James Weir. 

iii. Elizabeth,^ /«. Rev. Dunn. 

iv. Nancy,* m. Yeoman Smith, who d. 1848. 
V. Letitia,* m. Thomas B. Adams, merchant, Fredericksburg, 

Issue of James* and Mildred (Slauohter) Marye : 
i. Robert V.,* d. 1798; removed to Shreveport, Louisiana; tfi. 

ii. John Lawrence,* d. ; d. — , 1868; lawyer of Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia ; member of the Virginia Convention of 
i86o-'6i, which passed the ordinance of secession ; ;;/. 
Anne Maria, daughter of Dr. Robert Burton, Bucking- 
ham county. He purchased in 1825 the " Brompton " 
premises, which, as " Marye's Heights, " are historically 
famous through the events of the late war between the 
States. Upon the first range of hills, distant about three- 
Iburths of a mile west ot Fredericksburg, Mr. Marye 
built, in 1838, the large brick mansion, in which he 
resided until his death. An extensive lawn slopes from 
it to the public road whicli is bounded by the noted " stone 
fence," which atibrded a breastvvork for the Confederate 
infantry, who, supported by artillery posted on "Marye's 
Heights," signallv repulsed the repeated desperate 
assaults of Burnside's army, December 12th, 1S62. The 
mansion still bears the marks of the serious damage then 
inflicted by shot, shell, and minie-ball.'^ 

g Marye's Heights was llie scene rect'iitly of a somewhat interesting 
event. The press chronicled the marriage there, December 17, 1885, of 


iii. Catherine Matilda/ b. ; m. Beatty, Spotsylvania 

county, and removed to Caddo parish, Louisiana. Issue. 

iv. Mildred Slaughter,* b. ; m. twice; ist, Blackwell ; 

2d, Cunlifife; removed to Caddo parish, Louisiana. 

v. Elizabeth Letitia,* b. : w. Cunliffe and removed 

to Noxan county, Mississippi. 

vi. Frances Anne.* b. . 

Issue of John Lawrence* and Anne Maria (Burton) Marye : 

i. James Braxton, "^ b. ; educated at the University of 

Virginia ; graduated M. D. from the University of Penn- 
sylvania in 1839, and has pursued that calling; w. Jane 
Christian, daughter of William Starke Jett, of West- 
moreland county, Virginia. Issue: i. William N. ;'' ii. 
Robert;^ iii. James B. ; " iv. Anne M. ; " v. Mary.® 

ii. Robert Burton,^ b. -^ — , 1819 ; educated at the University 
of Virginia ; lawyer and farmer in Orange county, Vir- 
ginia ; Major and Quartermaster Confederate States Army, 
i86i-'65; VI. twice: ist, Mary, daughter of Major Am- 
brose Madison, of Orange county, Virginia, a nephew of 
President James Madison ; 2d, Mrs. Jane Tunstall 7ibe 
Waller, of Norfolk, Virginia; d. 25th May, 1881, at Chat- 
tanooga, Tennessee. Issue by rst w. .• i. Alfred J. ;' 
ii. Ambrose M. ;® by 2d. vi.: iii. Littleton W. T. ;" iv. 

iii. John Lawrence,^ b. ; was educated at the Academy in 

Fredericksburg and Concord Academy, Caroline county, 
Virginia ; graduated A. B. and B. L. University of Vir- 
ginia ; has been a practicing lawyer in Fredericksburg, 
Virginia, since 1845; vi. Mildred Stone, daughter of Dr. 
William Browne, of Fredericksburg ; member of the 
Virginia Legislature. i863-'65; of State Constitutional 
Convention in 1867 ; Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia 

a romantic couple from New Jersey— one D. Emmons, an ex-Federal 
soldier, and Miss E. Eldridge. The groom declaring that having failed 
to take "The Heights " under Burnside, he was determined that the 
goal so desperately contended for then should now, in days of bounteous 
peace and good-will, witness the consummation of his greatest bliss. 


i870-'73. Issue: i. Emily S. ; '^ ii. William B. ;® iii. 
Maria B. ;® iv. Raleigh Travers ; ** v. John L.** 

iv. Morton,^ b. ; m Homoisel, daughter of Robert Voss, 

of Rappahannock county, Virginia ; entered Confederate 
States Army as Captain of the " Alexandria Rifles" in 
1861; promoted Colonel Seventeenth Virginia Infantry m 
1862; lost a leg at the Second Battle of Manassas ; clerk 
of the Circuit and Corporation Courts of Alexandria, 
Virginia, 1870-1883 ; elected Auditor of Virginia in 1883, 
which position he still holds. Issue: i. Burton;** ii. 
Mary f iii. Edward A. f iv. Robert V.;" v. Morton i** vi. 
Mary Thornton, S?z. February 15, 1884,]. S. B.Thompson. 

V. Lawrence Slaughter ,5 b. ; educated at the University 

of Virginia; 771. Maria W., daughter of John P. Wilson, 
of " Bonbrook," Cumberland county, Virginia ; entered 
Confederate States Army as Lieutenant of the Hampden 
Artillery in 1861 ; served as Major on the staff of Gen- 
eral W. W. Loring and that of General John C. Pember- 
ton ; has practiced law at Richmond, Memphis, Tenn., 
and at Lynchburg, where he has resided for the past 
eight years. He has for some months past also edited 
the Lynchburg Virginia^i. Has no issue. 

vi. Edward Avenmore,' b. ; never married ; served in 

the Confederate States Army, first as Lieutenant of the 
Braxton Artillery; promoted Captain, and whilst thus 

serving in the siege of Petersburg, d. , 1864, from 

disease contracted in the trenches. 

vii. Anne Maria," b. ; 7n. Robert Dabney, of Powhatan 

county (who served in the Confederate Slates Army as 
Lieutenant of the Powhatan Troop; was member of the 
Virginia Legislature i863-'4; Professor of Mental Science 
in the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee, 
from 1872 until his death in 1877). Issue: i. William 
Pope ;^ ii. Marye;" iii. Lucy K. ;" iv. Cary S. ;'' v. Eve- 
lyn;'' vi. Anne M.;"* vii. Robert.** 
viii. Evelyn,'' b. ; unmarried. 

ix. Charles Bonnycastle,^ /'. ; served in the Braxton Artil- 
lery, Confederate States Army, from 1862 until the end 
of the war; unmarried. 


X. Alexander Stuart,^ b. ; served in the Braxton Artillery, 

i86i-'5 ; unmarried; educated as a teacher and pursues 
that calling. 

Issue of Yeoman and Nancy' (Marye) Smith: 

i. Samuel,*/;. ; graduate B. A. and B. L. University of 

Virginia ; removed to Hinds county, Mississippi; law- 
yer ; 7)1. . 

ii. Elizabeth,* b. ; 771. George Dabney, Spotsylvania 

county, now Probate Judge of Hinds county, Mississippi. 

iii. Letitia,* b. . Lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

iv. William Marye,* M. D., b. . Lives in Fredericksburg, 


V. Julia Bell,* (^. ; w. R. W. Marriott, Baltimore, Mary- 

vi. Mary Osborne,* b. ; w. J. L. Siansberry, Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia. 

Issue of Peter '^ and Eleanor (Green ) Marye : 

i. William Staige,^ b. at Colonel William Green's, near Cul- 
peper Courthouse, 15th February, 1775 ; educated at 
William and Mary College ; wrote a collection of sacred 
songs; 771. 6th May, 1802, Mary (b. 25th April, 1785; 
d. 26th December, 1852), daughter Peter Rufifner, 
Shenandoah county; settled at "Hillside," Shenandoah 
county; d. 28th September, 1837. Buried with his wife 
in the Ruffner burying ground, Shenandoah county. 

ii. James Theodosius,^ M. D., b. ; 77i. at the age of 50 

Miss Bush, Orange county. Both dead. 

iii. Mildred,^ b. ; 7n. Marshall Gordon, Culpeper county, 

iv. Susanna,^ b. ; d. unmarried. 

V. Lucy,^ b. ; w. James Madesette, Shenandoah county. 

Issue of William Staige * and Mary (Rufifner) Marye: 

i. Elizabeth,* b. 17th June, 1803; 771. Joseph R. Sibert, 

Shenandoah county. Issue, 
ii. Eleanor,* b. 21st October, 1804; 771. John Sibert, and had 

issue; d. , 1853, at Woodstock, Virginia. 

iii. Peter,* (^. 24th January, 1807; d. 6th April, 1831. 


iv. William Staige,* i^. 22d July, i8oS; d. 3d February, 1812. 
V. Diana,* b. 20th October, 1809; m. Major Joel Ruffner, 
Kanawha county, West Virginia; d. October, 1881. 
Issue: 16 children. 

vi. Frederick Augustus,* <^. 2d May, 181 1; vi. Letitia Booton, 
Page county, Virginia; removed to Cooper county, 
Missouri. Issue. 

vii. John Green Ruffner,*^. 12th February, 1813 ; d. nth Au- 
gust, 1828. 
viii. James Theodosius,' b. 19th December, 1814; »^. 1839, in 
Port Gibson, Mississippi, Mary Passmore Hoopes ; b. 

, 1 818, in Westchester, Pennsylvania, of Quaker 


ix. Anne Maria,* b. 13th October, 1816; d. nth February, 

X. George Thomas,* b. 23d November, 1817; m. 13th July, 
1839, Helen, daughter of William A. Tucker, of Balti- 
more, Maryland; removed to San Francisco, Cali- 
fornia, in 1849; merchant, contractor and banker; public 
spirited and highly successful citizen ; d. December, 

xi. Abram Sowers,* (^. 2d April, 1819; d. 24th June, 1827. 

xii. Lewis Conner,* b. 15th March, 1S21 ; d. 13th September, 

1847, of yellow fever, in New Orleans. Louisiana, 
xiii. Mary Anne,* <5. loth June, 1823; w. Joshua Ruffner, Luray, 

Page county, Virginia. 
xiv. Simon Bolivar,* b. 7th June, 1825 ; graduated B. A. and B. L. 
William and Mary College; read law with Judge Yerger; 
went to Yucatan in 1848 and served as an officer in the 
revolution there; returned in 1849; went to California, 
elected first State attorney; removed to Oregon in 1852, 
from thence to Washington, D. C, where he remained a 
year, then removed to Memphis, Tennessee, and lived 
there two years Finally settled as a practicing lawyer in 
Bolivar county, Mississippi ; w. Sarah Chapman, of Port- 
land, Oregon. 

XV. Willis Young,* b. 12th June, 1827; removed to California and 
engaged in gold mining. 


Issue of James Theodosius* and Mary Passmore (Hoopes) 
Marye : 

i. Anne Eliza. ^ 
ii. Theodosius Staige.^ 
iii. Florence Vane.' 
iv. Orrick Walton.* 
V. Madie May.^ 

Issue of George Thomas* and Helen (Tucker) Marye : 

i. William A.,^ b. ; Major United States Army. 

ii. George Thomas,' b. ; banker, San Francisco, California. 

iii. Ada,^ b. ; ?n. Joseph C. Baily, surgeon, United States 

Army ; d. , 18S2. 

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